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Custom Made Crosses

HandmaidArt started in prayer, and the first answer to prayer was to create crosses.  Crosses that reflect the rich tradition of stained glass.  Each cross is unique, different from every other even when the same colors and themes are used.  For our crosses, you can select from the basic color combinations we offer or you can request a specific array of colors for us to use.

Ordering a customer cross is as easy as selecting the colors and the cross center that you like.  Let us know if it is intended to help celebrate a Sacrament or special occasion.  The standard range of colors is listed below on the left - each color will typically include a primary "metallic" highlight (silver or gold tone).  Once the color range is selected you can choose from the selection of centers on the right.  The colors in the center will typically match the primary colors selected for the cross with a few exceptions like flames of the Holy Spirit for Confirmation and blue waters of Baptism.

Gold Metallic Options

Blue & Gold

Green & Gold

Teal & Gold

Red & Gold

Purple & Gold

Silver Metallic Options

Blue & Silver

Green & Silver

Teal & Silver

Red & Silver

Purple & Silver

Sacramental Options



First Communion

Wedding - Silver

Wedding - Gold

Special Occasions

Anniversary - Silver

Anniversary - Gold

DeColores /Cursillo




Tau Cross

Standard Color Options

Standard Cross Centers

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