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Since the earliest days of Christianity, the cross has marked the followers of Jesus. The cruelty of His death lies in stark contrast to the beauty of His Resurrection.


Recalling the beauty of stained glass, our crosses reflect that paradox. We sell them in "floating frames" that feature glass panels, front and back.


While most of our crosses are based on the Celtic Cross design, many also like the tradition of the Franciscan Tau Cross.  This version is available only in our 8" x 10" size.


Please note: Each product is made by hand after you place your order and will vary from the picture reflecting the unique nature of handmade artistry.  HandmaidArt is handmade art!

Tau Cross

  • Large (8"x10") customization options:

    Front - choice of colors


    If you are requesting to customize the colors on the front of the cross, please note which colors you would like included.

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