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Our Matrimony Crosses feature a white base and typically will use shades of white with either a gold or silver highlight. To capture the joining of husband and wife, we feature the interlocking rings design on these crosses.


The backs will often feature the names of the Bride and Groom, the wedding date, and many times will include a passage from the Psalm or other reading from the Wedding Mass.  If you have an invitation with unique patterns or colors (can be cut up) we can incorporate pieces of that into either the front or back of the cross, too.


These are also very popular gifts to help couples celebrate an anniversary, especially in white and silver for 25th Anniversary celebrations and white and gold for 50th Anniversary celebrations.


Like all our our products, these are custom created once ordered and so we are able to include the information you supply to make this a unique gift to help celebrate the day! 



HandmaidArt is handmade art.

Matrimony/Anniversary Cross - Small

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